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TheresaTalks™ is an organization dedicated to providing you with the perspective, support and encouragement needed to navigate your journey through life, making it just a little easier…having just a little more fun, a life more fulfilling and quite honestly, to turn your “kick in your ass life” into the KickAss life you deserve.

While there is no “easy button,” there is comfort in knowing you have someone on your side to turn to for the perspective, expertise and unconditional support you need to make this life into one worth living because YOU are WORTHY!

We get hung up from time to time; a little lost in the forest of other people’s expectations of who it is we’re “supposed to be.”  Life and society has a way of pulling us this way and that, competing for our time, energy and resources and leaving us in the end empty, lost and alone.  You’ve heard it before, when you’re in the forest you can’t see the trees and THAT’S when a little perspective illuminates your path and keeps you moving in the direction of your dreams!

Whether through our live workshops, web workshops or through personal self-mastery coaching, I am dedicated to providing you with the support you need to reach your goals and realize a deeper sense of life fulfillment and purpose.  We do this by adhering to a set of values that guide us in every action and every interaction.  



Zest & Humor:






Deliver jaw-dropping value & worth with every program we create (over deliver)Have fun.  Be quirky.Lead by example and show others the joy life has in storeBe adventurous, creative and break the mold whenever possibleDedicate ourselves to life long learning – commit to never feeling we “arrived”Build open, honest, agenda-free relationships through authentic communication

Seek to contribute and openly accept collaborative contributions from others

Be gracious to compliments, open & bold about our strengths & accomplishments but never EVER at the cost of alienating others or making someone else feel small.






Our Mission

We strive to provide a safe, trusting environment for creative and resourceful people to find their true purpose and ultimately, authentic happiness in their life. As professional Coaches & Mentors, we have the ability to view things from afar — in what we call ‘helicopter vision’ — to shed new light on difficult situations and bring perspective from an outsiders point of view helping to make the complex seem just a little simpler. We help you look a little deeper at your goals, your motivations, what holds you back and what propels you forward, ultimately illuminating a path to help you realize your full potential and to create the kind of life you know is possible.  We just help you identify the steps.

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Our Philosophy

We all want to live happy and fulfilling lives and we want the people we love to be happy too. So happiness matters to all of us. Yet, for a society so focused on being happy, as a whole, we seem to fail miserably at it. We believe you have all the answers to your life questions inside you. We partner with you to mine those answers, re-evaluate what really makes you happy, and determine what YOU want for your life. We focus on what you want out of coaching overall while holding you accountable for achieving those desires. This process ignites you to develop more compelling goals (or as we like to call them, “adventures”) that you will want to pursue. Discovering your true self will revitalize your energy to go after what you want and design the life you love! We look at your whole life since each area (financials, health, fun and recreation, significant other/romance, physical environment, career, friends/family, and personal growth) can impact other areas of your life. Although there is some structure to our session, we are flexible and will deal with whatever comes up during a session. We believe that happiness is about our lives as a whole: it includes not only the peaks but the valleys as well.  At its core, it includes all of the fluctuating feelings we experience everyday as well as the level of satisfaction we have with regard to life progress we’ve experienced so far.  The secret is to understand ourselves and how we act and react in any situation.  While our happiness is most certainly influenced by our genes, our upbringing and  external circumstances – such as our health, work or our financial situation, the biggest influence on our happiness is determined by our choices – our inner attitudes, how we approach our relationships, our personal values and our ability to develop a sense of purpose in this world so that we might live out our destiny. Life, much like happiness, is not a destination- it is a journey.  Let’s travel it together!