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Self-Esteem Definition

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Questions and Answers

Do students in coed school hv self esteem?

Posted by gaiya
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Self esteem, according to Merriam-Webster's definition, is a confidence and satisfaction in oneself. I believe that school's the best place where you will be inculcated with mind-blogging information that not only improve your knowledge where it concerns subjects or Science, Mathematics etc, but also useful stuff where you could improve your sense of self-worth and self-respect.

Not matter which type of school you come from, be it in this area of concern, coed or single-sex institution, students who base their self worth in a specific categories such as academic results, are potentially ones who could have their self-esteem severely jeopardized if they couldn't attain the passing grade for their pre-determined measurements.

What's the difference between self-esteem, confidence, and pride?

I find self-esteem, confidence, and pride pretty similar.
What's your definition of each?
And how do they relate to each other?

If a person is shy, which of these is that person lacking?
If a person thinks low of themselves, which of these is that person lacking?
And basically so on…

Thanks for answering 🙂

Posted by aznyukigurl
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Self Esteem is where you generally pleased with the person you are, even with your faults. I think that self esteem is the root of confidence.
Confidence is when you show that pleasure to others. You show that you think you're a nice, cool, attractive, etc. Person. I think you can feel that you are a attractive, cool, etc. Person, but be humble about it.
Pride is when you cannot see your faults, or choose to avoid them. I think generally prideful people seem to think that they have above average intelligence, or looks, etc.

That's how I would define it anyways.

I don't think that a shy person is necessarily lacking any of these. I am a shy person, but when someone starts to talk to me, my self confidence shows.

If a person thinks low of themselves, I think that they lack self-esteem.

Definition of 'self esteem'?

Posted by turfpest
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Self-esteem ~ belief and confidence in your own ability and value:

the quality of having belief in your qualities; sense of your own value.

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