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Praise & Appreciation

Humbly I share a few of the the wonderfully kind things my clients (and now friends) have said about me.

I have known Theresa for many years but it wasn’t until recently that I reached out to her for some “professional perspective.”  I had come to the realization that I needed more in my life: perspective, inspiration, direction, guidance and hope!  Theresa, using her own personal experiences, coupled with a touch of faith, guides you into your inner-self, without judgment. She’ll challenge not only yourself, but herself as well. Moving outside of one’s “comfort zones” isn’t an easy task; whether it be professionally, personally or even spiritually. Theresa has provided guidance that I can trust and feel comfortable embracing, because I know she is 100% invested in ME. Unlike a lot of other life coaches and mentors out there, Theresa has proved to be: Always open, Always true and Always there.  Working together, I have no doubt that we will learn, grow and achieve the kind of life I dream about!  A mentor relationship I look forward to continuing for a very long time.

-Sabrina C.
Sacramento, CA

 Cruise Control is the best way to describe my life for the better part of the last decade.  I wasn’t living. I was merely existing. A woman from my past re-emerged and a zest for life washed over me like I had never felt before, even prior to my “hibernation.”  6 months into our relationship she pulled back and as quickly as it began, it had ended. I was devastated and I turned to Theresa for help.  I was angry and wanted people to know how badly I had been hurt and I wanted people to join my pity party.  Theresa lent a sympathetic ear and she made me feel understood which was reassuring.  At the same time, there was no way she was going to join my pity party.  She was direct, yet compassionate, honest without being cruel.  She helped me to understand that I can only deal with the present and plan for the future through my actions today.  Theresa moved my focus off of the negative aspects I was concentrating on to a place of appreciation for the growth and the awakening this relationship brought me.  While  my “awaking” may have been sparked by this romantic interest, Theresa was quick to point out that I was the one that did the work.  Realizing this has given me confidence to face whatever comes next.  Her approach reminds me of my grandmothers favorite saying “GIVE A MAN A FISH AND HE EATS FOR A DAY, TEACH A MAN TO FISH AND HE LL EAT FOR A LIFETIME”   Thank you Theresa, you have giving me the tools, knowhow and now confidence to meet my life head on and emerge a winner no matter what the situation.

– Tony J.
Des Moines, IA

Dealing with a major job change and having a baby was turning out to be a real struggle for me.  I turned to Theresa for some perspective and after just a few sessions and a few “worksheets” later, she and I both noticed a big difference in my attitude.  She helped me find the “missing peace” with the changes in my life — both the ones that were already happening and the ones that were coming my way. Her methods are fun and gentle; she helps you while you’re having fun!  There’s not one of our sessions I didn’t leave smiling and feeling encouraged.

– Amy P.
SE Minnesota

I will never forget my first impression of Theresa… She’s was a spectacular package—professional, kind, self-confident & spoke with such energy & passion. She made me feel like I was important to her and what I had to say mattered. That brief meeting was so influential & it stuck with me. Almost two years later, when my business & personal life were hitting the skids, I was trying to think of anyone who could help me & keep me from resorting to alcohol. Enter karma, aka Theresa. I was feeling so desolate. Maybe she could help? I hadn’t anticipated finding such a “put together woman” who could really understand, from real-life experience & heartache, EXACTLY the place in my life at which I had arrived. She had been there… she knew exactly what I was facing. She knew exactly HOW to re-direct my thinking, my expectations and to get me thinking about ME differently. Her most difficult task was getting me to recognize that until I was truly committed to being ACCOUNTABLE for my actions or in-actions, I would not progress. I faced some pretty debilitating demons that have suffocated my life. I had to rise up & demand things for myself…care for myself first for the first time in my life. I had to begin the process of learning who I am inside & out; To accept the ugliness & embrace the beauty… To know that I have gifts & liabilities and it’s okay. I requested from the beginning for her to be direct & forthright. Theresa NEVER gave up & will attest to my ability to run away. BUT, I am accomplishing the goals she helped me set. These are life lessons, to be learned and applied over and over- what Theresa has taught me will be with me for the rest of my life. I NEVER would have recognized the doors I needed to open if she hadn’t given me one of her life changing Theresa talks! And when I resort to the good ole’ days of habits, I know I always have Theresa to remind me of my goals & hold me accountable for my actions, to talk gentle to myself and be more forgiving. These are the tools that serve me positively. She’s an amazing woman, with such passion & energy for life…someday I hope to return even a tiny portion of what she has given me. Lizzi-was-here!

– Lizzi C.
Rochester, MN

“Theresa is an amazing woman with incredible insight and an ability to say just the right thing. She speaks from her heart, she is inspiring, and direct. I believe Theresa guides her clients in a way that they grow and can make tremendous steps in the right direction for their lives.”

– Sandra J.
Plano, TX

Theresa’s ability to challenge my thinking has allowed me to learn more about myself than I had ever imagined and to regain the sense of self-confidence I thought was gone forever. Having traveled some of my life’s sharpest hairpin turns (some of them with Theresa as my travel partner), it has been her unfailing support and unconditional acceptance that has kept me encouraged enough to put one foot in front of the other; to meet my challenges with action instead of sitting still “too long” to wallow. When you need her, she’s there and she’ll make the time necessary to “walk with you” on your journey. Her coaching style has always made me feel as if my best interests are her first priority and her natural ability to make you feel safe and a part of something bigger than myself is one of her innate gifts I appreciate most. She creates an environment that allows you to be (sometimes) brutally honest with her and most importantly, with yourself. It is safe to say that I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Theresa… and I have to say, I’m in a really great place!

– Betsy V.
Palo Alto, CA

“Since I was a young adult, Theresa has helped guide me through many life challenges. The principles she has taught me are as true today as the first day she shared them with me. There is no doubt that Theresa has had a positive impact on my life both personally and professionally. I have leveraged those lessons and am now in an amazing relationship with my husband and responsible for a multi-million dollar business at a Fortune 500 company. Theresa can help guide you to your own goals and dreams!”

– Colleen B.
Eugene, OR.

“I have known Theresa for a little over four years. She is a deeply caring person and intuitive into the souls of others. We hardly knew each other when her instinct to show me how to ‘fix’, ‘level’ & ‘repair’, or otherwise my psyche, when I was in panic mode. Theresa does for her clients what she does in her personal relationships… she was born to do it; to nurture, heal and be the compassionate woman she is.”

– Mikki F.
Madison, WI.

“Everyday working with Theresa was a shot of inspiration and courage. If they bottled her up she’d be illegal!”

– Cynthia C.
Northfield, MN.

“In the time I have met and gotten to know and work with Theresa a lot of things have sparked me to slow down and ask myself some serious questions. It takes a lot for me to open up and talk to someone about my personal life who I’ve just met . Theresa makes this part really so easy. This vulnerability is what I’m learning I need to do in order to learn more about my true authentic self. In just a brief conversation with Theresa all it took for me was 3 simple words she asked me – WHY, WHAT, and HOW. These 3 simple words made me slow down, breathe and simply enjoy the present moment. I highly recommend talking with Theresa if there are questions that you have unanswered in your life – she is not going to tell you what to do or what the right answer is, but help ask you that one question or word that may say “This is MY answer to the questions I have been asking myself”. Life is all about the Journey, Thank you Theresa for reminding me to enjoy it and to stop and breathe before I communicate what it is I want to say. I look forward to working with you more in the future.

– Jodi A.
Elk River, MN

“Theresa is a force of nature! She’s a natural leader with the unique ability to meet you – right where YOU’RE at.” Theresa and I went to high school together, graduated, moved away, grew up and reconnected as adults. From those early years, I watched crowds naturally gravitate toward her. She didn’t try to gather people around her; there was just something about her that made it happen all on its own. It’s rare to find someone who is naturally endowed with leadership and motivational attributes, but Theresa has had these in spades her whole life, naturally. We reconnected several years ago and she’s been a true blessing. Always compassionate and encouraging, Theresa has helped empower me to attain my personal goals. I didn’t ask her for this, it’s just one of those things that happens when you know Theresa. She truly cares and has both the imagination and skill set to know the next best steps that are right for YOU. I can’t imagine anyone who is more naturally endowed with the attributes of Life Coach, Mentor and Motivational Speaker.

– Amy C.
Colorado Springs, CO