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Meet Theresa


Outgoing,  funny, passionate, bubbly…
REAL, compassionate, authentic and best yet: “an Angel.” 

These are the kinds of words that have been used to describe me by the people who know me best.  Whatever the title, I know one thing remains truer than true:  I was designed, built and created to inspire and transform this world one person at a time in the deepest, most authentic and loving way.

 About Theresa

Intuitive and compassionate, Theresa integrates her life experience,  unique “keepin’ it real” perspective and the highest standards of coaching & speaking excellence to create truly life transforming experiences

for her clients and audiences.As a 15 year business owner, entrepreneur and committed community leader, Theresa is a certified relationship coach, Theresa French brings an unmatched passion for empowering andequipping women with the navigational systems needed to create better relationships … beginning with the relationship and love affair they have with themselves.  Theresa combines humor and heart, intuition and intellect, and education and experience, into a yummy ball of nourishing, yet challenging, growth for her clients.  Theresa is astute to the skills every woman needs to fully experience a life of deep joy and satisfaction in the face of any external pressures and challenges.Theresa’s has an unwavering dedication to “keeping it real” in order to make her expertise accessible and applicable to audiences and clients alike.  Using down-to-earth language, honesty, an unwavering devotion to privacy, her natural intuitive gifts, and a sparkling sense of enthusiasm and passion helps her clients learn to find ways to release and move beyond obstacles that inhibit their awareness and development.


  • Theresa earned her certification as a Certified Relationship Coach (CPC) (CRC) in late 2012 and is currently engaged in work to receive her Masters Masteries Coach Certification through the International Association of Coaches as a Board Certified Coach (CCE).
  • Theresa is currently the South Metro Chapter Director for the National Organization Over40Females
  • Theresa is currently the Executive Director for the National Public Speakers Association Minnesota chapter.
  • Theresa currently holds a seat on the board of directors for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of SE Minnesota.
  • Theresa is Women’s Speakers Association and the National Association of Marriage and Relationships Educators (N.A.R.M.E)

Theresa graduated cume laude from Iowa State University in 1997 with a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Business Development as well as having earned a double Minor in Psychology and Human Studies.