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ABC… Always Be Closing. Seriously?  The 90’s called, they want their worn out acronym back! Always Be CURIOUS… because curiosity closes more sales! 

Hearing is one of our natural senses but listening requires intention, consciousnesses and strategic focus to listen to not only what is being said but especially what is NOT said. With a sharpened ability to listen intently to the answers given by a prospect, sales excellence requires an ability to navigate the conversation based on those responses in such a way the prospect sells themselves.  Clients, prospects and customers tell us exactly what they want, what they don’t want and what they’re willing to change their mind about in every sales conversation we conduct.           The real question is, are you listening?  

You’ve heard it before, “telling is not selling” and it continues to be true. It’s what you HEAR that sells not what you say.  The ABC Selling System™ is a framework to help professionals in sales and customer service become the kind of sellers clients want to talk to, feel comfortable talking to and with whom they build trust quickly. 

60% of all customers stop dealing with a company
because of what they perceive as indifference on the part of their salespeople.
LISTEN MORE and let them know they matter!


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"Authentic, relatable and compelling..."

Infectious energy is the only word that can describe what Theresa brings to any room and stage.  Theresa has a unique ability to engage a room, whether that’s 20 people or 2000.  Theresa has one of those “strangely familiar”  personas which make her feel like an old friend you haven’t seen in a while which helps audiences to trust and engage quickly and more deeply.  

Whether it’s in a boardroom or a theater of thousands, Theresa brings her A Game every time.  With her real life,  “feet in the street – got the T-shirt, experience, Theresa has been creating closers for over 15 years. Her advice, principles and thought leadership is tested and rooted in research and proven methods driven by the latest findings in neuroscience and human behavior.

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